Un Bisou de Madame Pitou

Imagine walking in lovely Paris in spring time. Flowers surround the lovely "Place du Tertre" near the Sacré Coeur where artists and painters create their masterpieces of art. Indeed, flowers inspire people, not only outside but also in your interior decoration. Therefore, Eijffinger presents again an inspiring wallpaper collection showing delicate flowers: Un Bisou de Madame Pitou, a small kiss from Mrs Pitou.

Flowers bring colour and happiness and are therefore popular for mouth-watering wall decoration. The artistic Parisian life inspired our designers to develop Un Bisou de Madame Pitou, a floral collection showing romantic roses, magnificent magnolias and a picturesque bird. Dream about the ancient French streets where roses climb across the walls and where Robin Redbreast sings his favourite songs.

The murals in this collection are overwhelming. Wonderful large roses and breathtaking blossoms with extra-large silhouettes show extraordinary beauty.

Combine the wallcoverings with any of the plain matching fabrics, the velvet of Prestige, the linen of Sarena and the silk Bombay. The fabric collection June, a cotton print showing wonderful flowers and stripes and Sparrow, a silk-looking fabric with a bird design, can both be matched with un Bisou de Madame Pitou.

All wallcoverings are made of easy-to-apply Smartpaper quality.

Bring romance at home and decorate Un Bisou de Madame Pitou for a real touch of Paris!

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